8600 SIÓFOK, Halápy J. u 3, III/3, info@visitsiofok.hu

How to reach the apartment

By car, type in your GPS: city: Siófok, street: Halápi János utca, numbers: 3 OR POI: Galerius Élményfürdő és Wellness.

By train hop off at Szabadifürdő trainstation reach the Galerius spa and on the left site you can find the Halápy János street with the Viktoria apartman. With Intercity train from Budapestről you should hop off in Siófok, and use another tram or bus to Szabadifürdő. Menetrend.

By bus hop off at Szabadifürdő trainstation or at Galerius spa. Mentrend.

Adress: Viktória apartmanház 8600 Siófok, Halápy János u 3, III./3

Phone:  +36 20 337-1927

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